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 feed/fertilizer/power hacks?

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PostSubject: feed/fertilizer/power hacks?    11.05.13 7:10

Ok, so I have the water bar hack. That is not the problem.

Ok so the code is 2250. They hay wagon sells for 2250 and so that is why that works...right?
I would like the hacks for the power/feed/fertilizer to do the same. I have tried several concoctions but with no good results. Such as the Thai Stilt house sells for 2150 and I tried to do an identical process.

open ce
Purchase a 1 stilt house in market place and put it on farm
choose 4 bytes
put in 2150
Move results down and change to 2000000
change value to string
type in coins
change to feed
sell stilt house


Anyone else have any ideas?
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PostSubject: Re: feed/fertilizer/power hacks?    11.05.13 9:36

string number for coins and feed is not the same thats why crashhhhhhhhh
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Private First Class

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PostSubject: Re: feed/fertilizer/power hacks?    11.05.13 19:58

For unlimited power you have to scan "genericfeed", change all results into "electricity" and then make feed (or add from inventory) to fill the energy bar. But when the code works, you can't feed your animals. Fertilizer should work the same way round, but i didn't check that.
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PostSubject: Re: feed/fertilizer/power hacks?    

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feed/fertilizer/power hacks?

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