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 REQUEST - Farmville2 Item Codes Please

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PostSubject: REQUEST - Farmville2 Item Codes Please   19.01.13 14:52

Hi friends. I use the newest version of Cheat Engine. I've done my homework and learned a lot to get most of the items I want. Now I really need

your help. Please. I am stuck and at a complete loss as to how to get the rest of the items I want and have tried many times. If you will please

help me, in return, I will pay it forward and help others.

Know that I've used the Farmville Items Code Website, as well as the file Item Codes By Length Number, plus the just plain file that just lists

items, and just cannot find any working replacement item codes for the items I want. I seem to have the best of luck with adult and baby animals, as

well as decorations, when it comes to replacement codes. I didn't start playing the game until it had already been released for a little while, but

I want to go back to when any items were first available for purchase and get some of them that I missed out on being able to.

By the way, the Item Codes By Length Number file, plus the just plain file that just lists items are both out of date. Can someone please provide me

with updated versions of them? If it's too much to provide an updated version of the Item Codes By Length Number file, then just the just plain file

that lists items, I think, I could work with somewhat, as I should be able to count the strings for the items, to see if I can find what items I

need. Of course, an updated version of the Item Codes By Length Number file would be much better, since if I try using just the just plain file that

lists items would, most likely, turn into a very time consuming process for me to find exact number string item code matches for all of the items I

need. Instructions on how to get them would work also, provided they are good enough that I can follow them. I have no idea how to even get a

complete list of any and all items, which I need and can get, but the last time I tried doing it, I ended up deleting a large number of items from my

inventory, thus I had to find item string replacement items codes for them and get them all over again. All I did was enter, e_deco as a string of

text and did a search, where I found a whole lot of items (decorations), but somehow, when I did that, it deleted a large variety of certain items

from my inventory. I have no idea how that even happened, but I certainly don't want it happening to me again!

Okay. I can't find working string replacement codes for the items below. Can you please help me? The codes must be for items that are currently

available for purchase in the general store, since I didn't start playing the game from the beginning, thus I don't have any way to access/use any

items that were available for purchase earlier in the game, as a substitute.


Crop Mastery Signs For: (the closest item code that I can find on the website is e_deco_masterysign which is non specific - you can't grow them

anymore - I have the last two, but they're just not mastered)
habanero pepper
painted hill corn

Thank you very much, in advance, if you've read this and will go out of your way to help me out with this. I would be sincerely grateful, for sure.

I hope to hear from you soon and find replies helping me to get what I need. Thanks so very much again, in advance, if you take the time to help me

out with some or all of this.

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REQUEST - Farmville2 Item Codes Please

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