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 Ameba Pico - Automatic Slot Spin

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PostSubject: Ameba Pico - Automatic Slot Spin   04.02.12 22:22

Ameba Pico - Automatic Slot Spin

Credits : Vreaks [ H.A.T.E ]

Hi there,Do you feel bored and tired of clicking at the slot and only earn a bit? This time I will tell you an easy way to play slot automatically and of course you do not have to wait with automatic spin slot. how? just follow the steps below.


First you must have required tools :
- WinRar 3.93 : http://adf.ly/1XaVk ( With Crack )
- Adobe Flash Latest Version : http://adf.ly/1ua3z
- Winsock Packet Editor X15 : http://adf.ly/1YWZD

Sellect Your Favorite Browser :
- Mozilla Firefox : http://adf.ly/1XaWv
- IE : http://adf.ly/1XaXH
- Google Chrome : http://adf.ly/1YWuZ
- Opera : http://adf.ly/1YWcP

(Click skip in adf'ly, at the top right of the page.)
(Link Without Space, Because facebook not accepted adf'ly)
Tips : In the filehippo . com , Press Green Button to Download.

Note: You will need WPE Pro for this cheat. As it is a hacking tool, there is some signatures similar to a malware and most anti-virus software will detect it as a virus. I disabled my anti-virus when using WPE-Pro. It's up to you if you want to use this cheat. I am not forcing you to download the software, but just saying if you cant trust me, don't use my stuff which always works.
Note By : Lucifuge


1. Required : Winsock Packet Editor x15 (Download Above)

2. Play Ameba Pico : http://pico.ameba.net/

(*Note : Recommended Browser : Mozilla'Firefox / Opera)

3. Go to Slot Area and take a seat.

4. Open Winsock Packet Editor, then Click "Target Program" | List pick :

- Mozilla Firefox : plugin-container.exe
- Internet Explorer : ie.exe
- GoogleChrome : xxxxx-chrome.exe

5. Click Start Logging button on WPE

6. Click "Play Max" on the slot and wait until it stops spinning. After that click "Stop Logging" button on the WPE PRO and then you will get results.

(*Note : This Tricks Using Your Pico Credits! )

7. Search for send function which have the word "spin", then right click on the function then select "SEND".

8. Then click the send button. See the result, slot will spinning automatically and so fast.

9. Not quite up here, if you let the slot continues to spin for 5 minutes without doing anything, then your character will automatically return to the room. To prevent this, use "AutoClicker" to click on the action every 3 minutes.

10. By combining these two applications you can play slot while you sleep.


Download Auto Clicker :
Auto Clicker v2.4 : http://adf.ly/2JQFY
Password : http://www.facebook.com/groups/HaxorActivity

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Ameba Pico - Automatic Slot Spin

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