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 Ameba Pico - Collect Legendary Box Cheat

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PostSubject: Ameba Pico - Collect Legendary Box Cheat   04.02.12 23:46

Ameba Pico - Collect Legendary Box Cheat

Credits : Vreaks


First you must have required tools :
- WinRar 3.93 : http://adf.ly/1XaVk ( With Crack )
- Adobe Flash Latest Version : http://adf.ly/1ua3z
- Winsock Packet Editor X15 : http://adf.ly/1YWZD

Sellect Your Favorite Browser :
- Mozilla Firefox : http://adf.ly/1XaWv
- IE : http://adf.ly/1XaXH
- Google Chrome : http://adf.ly/1YWuZ
- Opera : http://adf.ly/1YWcP

(Click skip in adf'ly, at the top right of the page.)
(Link Without Space, Because facebook not accepted adf'ly)
Tips : In the filehippo . com , Press Green Button to Download.

Note: You will need WPE Pro for this cheat. As it is a hacking tool,
there is some signatures similar to a malware and most anti-virus
software will detect it as a virus. I disabled my anti-virus when using
WPE-Pro. It's up to you if you want to use this cheat. I am not forcing
you to download the software, but just saying if you cant trust me,
don't use my stuff which always works.
Note By : Yudhia Satria Nugraha


1. Required : Winsock Packet Editor x15 (Download Above)

2. Play Ameba Pico : http://pico.ameba.net/

(*Note : Recommended Browser : Mozilla'Firefox / Chrome)

3. Try to find legendary box in several places of edo ( Jokamachi,
Secret ninja Dojo, Backstreet of Edo, Riverside of Edo and Ooku Living

4. If you find a box, Lets open Winsock Packet Editor.
Click "Target Program" | List pick :

- Mozilla Firefox : plugin-container.exe
- Internet Explorer : ie.exe
- GoogleChrome : xxxxx-chrome.exe

5. After you clicked start logging then click the lagendary box that you have found.

6. After you got a thing of that box, click stop logging. Will appear Logging result on right side of WPE PRO.

7. The words in the send function is typically the "quest_edo ..." .

8. Right click on that function and then select send, will emerge a new window and follow the settings below.

Send : Continously
Timer : 1000

9. Then click the send button to process.

10. You'll get the stuff over and over again by using a little energy.

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Ameba Pico - Collect Legendary Box Cheat

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